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Asylum - Almost time for your procedure

Locked In's Asylum Escape Room Is it a case of mistaken identity or do you belong in the Asylum?
At the top of a hill lies a Manor house converted into an insane Asylum. After a complete outbreak, your group has been mistakenly rounded-up and imprisoned as escapees. All captured patients have been scheduled for lobotomies to prevent a second breakout and the surgeon is due to arrive in an hours time to start your procedure. You’ve got to find the way out or be stuck in the Asylum forever!

The Bunker - Make a wartime escape

Locked In The Bunker Escape RoomAs the bomb sirens grow louder, can you escape from behind enemy lines?
The year is 1944 and you are part of the Royal East Kent Regiment, supporting France on the swiss border. After a surprise ambush, your allied troops are scattered and imprisoned. You and the remaining survivors have retreated into an abandoned bunker in an attempt to evade enemy capture. The enemy is scouting, searching through the area, and will reach you at any moment. There is an alternative exit to the bunker but the previous occupiers have made this route nearly impossible to find, after they received warning of the incoming invasion.

Online Games

Sub-Agents - Take on this virtual mission

sub-agents online gameInstantly delivered mission for you to start when you want, can you save millions of civilians?
A mysterious MI5 agent has approached you to take on a mission that is a case of national security, to save millions of civilians' lives. However, the details are a little vague but that is exactly why you have been called upon for your expert skills. So assemble your team, as you become MI5 substitute agents or you could call yourself sub-agents, as you take on this important mission, are you ready?

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers

Gift Voucher BookingWhy not give them something a bit different?
Buy them a voucher towards an exciting and engrossing experience in one of our rooms. They can book their own experience at their leisure over the next 12 months. You never know, they may even take you along for the ride!