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Blitz and Slueth

Blitz - Make A Wartime Escape

Locked In Blitz Escape RoomThe year is 1944 and you are part of the Royal East Kent Regiment supporting France on the swiss border. After a surprise ambush your allied troops are scattered and imprisoned. You and the remaining survivors have retreated into an abandoned bunker in an attempt to evade enemy capture. The enemy is scouting, searching through the area, and will reach you at any moment. There is an alternative exit to the bunker but the previous occupiers have made this route nearly impossible to find after they received warning of the incoming invasion.

Sleuth- Solve The Unsolvable Case

Locked In's Sleuth Escape Room Local celebrity and toy shop owner Albert Ross has been accused and facing trial at the old bailey for the brutal murder of PC Barter. The case is on the verge of collapse due to lack of evidence against the psychotic toy store owner, who will walk free within the next hour if no damning evidence is found. You have been given the search warrant for his toy store and house. Will you find the one piece of damning evidence for an ironclad case and guaranteed conviction?